Neck Pain From Motor Vehicle Accidents

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Motor vehicle accidents can cause neck pain and injuries including whiplash. Regardless of whether or not people are experiencing pain following an auto accident, they should visit a chiropractor to be checked and treated for musculoskeletal and neck injuries.

If someone has just been in a motor vehicle accident and is experiencing neck pain, what steps should they take to get help?

Dr. Peter Ferraro: If someone has recently been involved in a motor vehicle accident and experiencing neck pain, they should seek the advice of a trained expert. As a chiropractor, we are often the first line of defense as a patient first comes into our office immediately following a motor vehicle accident.

How could a chiropractor determine what and where in the body is causing the neck pain?

Dr. Peter Ferraro: As a chiropractor, we’re specialty trained in understanding the mechanisms involved in musculoskeletal injuries. Through a thorough history and examination, we can evaluate orthopedic, neurological, strength, reflexes, and ranges of motion. We can quickly determine where the cause of the pain is emanating from. If further testing is warranted, then x-rays, MRIs or CAT scans can be ordered.

For a new chiropractic patient suffering from neck pain from motor vehicle accident, can you describe what the typical treatment process is like?

Dr. Peter Ferraro: The typical treatment process after an initial evaluation would consist of gentle realignment of the spinal joints either manually or by using a vibrational instrument, as well as some mild fascial therapy and electric stimulation with ice.

Can someone start to experience neck pain weeks after a motor vehicle accident? If yes, why does it take that long for the pain to be felt?

Dr. Peter Ferraro: People can experience neck pain immediately after a motor vehicle accident or for some not until weeks or even months later. It’s important not to minimize the risk of potential permanent injury and seek help immediately following a motor vehicle accident. It can take longer to experience pain as the structural damage that has occurred might not manifest as pain initially, as the body must adapt and realize that this is the function that it is ultimately left with.

If neck pain is mild, what can happen if it goes untreated?

Dr. Peter Ferraro: If neck pain is mild, it can potentially self-resolve, but if a neck injury goes untreated, for example, an untreated whiplash, it can cause permanent disfigurement to the bone structure, leading to chronic pain.

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