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The Physical Therapy department at Ferraro Spine and Rehabilitation provides an individualized treatment plan to promote the patients' overall state of wellness. Using a professional and modern approach to identify limitations, improve impairments, and manage pain, our patients see long-lasting results that will redefine the rest of their lives.

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Physical therapy, also known as physiotherapy, may include certain exercises, manual therapy and treatments based on physical stimuli (e.g. heat, cold, electrical currents or shockwave (ESWT)). The aim of physical therapy is to relieve pain, help you move better or strengthen weakened muscles. Physical Therapy is not just for injuries that have already occurred, but to also help prevent them. Another important goal is to show patients what they can do themselves to improve their own health at home.

Physical Therapy helps with:

Our clinic combines the usage of manual therapy, injury and reinjury prevention strategies, wellness education, therapeutic exercise, and progressive rehabilitation techniques to reach our patients' goals. Whether you have a sudden accident, or your body is stressed from improper posture, or poor movement ergonomics, physical therapy can improve your life and put you on the road to recovery.

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