Train in the Off-Season to Become a Better Athlete

Athletes should train in the off-season because that’s your time to prepare your body for the upcoming season, the stress that it’s going to take and to prevent injury.

You want to be physically prepared to endure that long season, but also, that’s the time where you’re going to be able to physically take the next steps forward.

It’s almost impossible to actually improve your body and the physical aspect of your sport in-season. Your body’s just under too much stress and tension throughout that time. When you’re not practicing you are playing games multiple hours of the day. You can’t come to the gym and improve your speed and agility, your strength and your power.

If you think about it, in the off-season for a baseball player, he doesn’t take 3,000 swings every single day. He might take a couple hundred swings, then come in and do some rotational core, some shoulder work, some prehab – become more powerful, become stronger, become quicker. That’s going to translate onto the field for him.

That off-season training piece is really where you can improve and take your game to the next level because you’re putting the ball and bat down for a little bit. That’s the time where you can improve without those things. It’s extremely important. Again, that’s their time to grow. We try to really push that it’s time to really get aggressive and get after it.

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