5 Ways Acupuncture Benefits Mental Health

Acupuncture induces a beautiful state of calmness. Here are 5 ways that acupuncture has a positive effect on mental health.

  1. Acupuncture can regulate feel-good hormones. Along with painkillers the body naturally releases during acupuncture, it also releases happy hormones, like dopamine and serotonin.
  2. Acupuncture teaches the body how to relax and get into a better meditative state. When a patient experiences that relaxed feeling from acupuncture, it can help the mind fall into more of a meditative-like state. The meditation is yet another whole topic when it comes to the many benefits it has on the mind-body connection. Therefore, with people receiving acupuncture, it’s kind of like they get a little pill of meditation whenever they are getting treatment and that’s just never a bad thing.
  3. Acupuncture can influence the commitment to routine and putting your health first. Those that are on the path of keeping a routine usually have higher chances of success. When this type of patient walks into the office, they are looking for another step to improve their life.
  4. Acupuncture creates balance in the body. The needles are just the middleman to help our brain chemistry work and stay in balance.
  5. Acupuncture helps the flow of energy to the brain, which then increases brain function.

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