Fitness Center Offers Unique Approach

The Daily Voice recently published an article about Ferraro Functional Fitness and how we stand out from other facilities. We are excited for the results that our clients are seeing especially at the start of a new year with health and fitness being a top resolution for so many of us.

Clients at Ferraro Functional Fitness use a variety of methods to reach their personalized goals. Photo Credit: Ferraro Functional Fitness

SADDLE BROOK, N.J. — If you made improved fitness a New Year’s resolution this year — and even if you didn’t — Saddle Brook has a health and wellness center that offers specialized exercise classes, personal training, and wellness and recovery programs.

Ferraro Functional Fitness, on Midland Avenue, has technically been open since late 2014, but its initial users were mostly patients of Ferraro Spine and Rehabilitation, located in an adjoining building.

More recently, the fitness center has forming classes and reaching out to the public at large, to proffer its more specialized services.

“We develop unique programs to help clients reach and exceed their desired goals, and improve their strength and function, all while incorporating recovery and injury prevention techniques,” Amanda LaPointe, director of Health and Wellness, told Daily Voice.

Ferraro Functional Fitness also offers nutrition and health coaching.

Unlike other gyms and fitness facilities in Bergen County, Ferraro Functional Fitness also houses sought-after technologies including InBody Assessments, HealthSnap software, an infrared sauna, vibration plate therapy and the rare Range of Motion Machine.

“The InBody Assessment is an advanced technology that precisely measures body composition as a whole as well as in segments, and also provides information on important health indicators,” LaPointe explained.

“The HealthSnap software generates comprehensive and personalized reports prioritizing an individual’s health into specific categories in order for them to understand how to start taking control of their health.”

Ferraro’s infrared sauna provides detoxification and an energizing experience, without the dehydrating side effects of traditional saunas. As for the vibration plate therapy,  LaPoint said it stimulates the growth plates, improves circulation, enhances muscle strength and energizes the lymphatic system.

“The ROM machine is a rare, high-intensity training module that provides a total body workout in only four minutes, by optimizing its user’s oxygen consumption,” Pilates instructor Clint Bigham explained.

The center also offers Functional Fitness classes, which emphasize full range of motion and constant movement through interval training, to burn calories, build lean muscle, and improve function.

There are no contracts and no set-up fee. To schedule a free evaluation and customized program recommendations, contact LaPointe at 973-685-4946.

Ferraro Functional Fitness is located at 224 Midland Ave., in Saddle Brook. Find out more on its website or Facebook page.