Golf Fitness: Improve Performance and Avoid Injury

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Golf fitness training programs are customized for each golfer with a body composition analysis. We work on posture, core strength and stance to ultimately avoid injury, perform better, and stay strong and healthy.

Is golf fitness a set program you follow or is it customized to each client or both?

Clint Bigham: I think in the beginning it is a set program when we are first starting with clients. In general, all golfers share the same repetitive strain injuries. When they first come in, we will do a body composition analysis and we will look at general patterns that have to do with the golf swing. Once we start working them out, after a few weeks, it starts becoming very customized.

Does golf fitness aim to improve golfer’s performance on the golf course?

Clint Bigham: I would say once we work you out and you feel fit after a while, yes. Your score is going to improve. Your golf game is going to improve. It is not what we guarantee in the beginning. What we are wanting is for them to learn about the mechanics and how that relates to the golf swing and how that relates to their core. Yes, the ultimate goal is to have a better score on the golf course.

How does golf fitness help clients to lose weight while gaining strength and stamina?

Clint Bigham: Honestly, most golfers that come in and want a golf fitness program do not necessarily care about their weight. They do not come in and say, “Clint, I want to lose weight.” They come in and they say, “I want a better score when I go out and I play golf.” Just learning about your core and working out, yes, you are going to see weight loss, but we all know weight loss has to do with nutrition. There are nutrition programs that we also offer.

Can clients’ overall health be improved through the golf fitness program by eliminating back pain and improving posture?

Clint Bigham: Of course. That is a functional fitness idea that we all have a background in here.  Whether it is in yoga, pilates or physical therapy. We are not specifically focused on working out golf muscles. Ultimately, it has to do with your posture and it has to do with learning about core strength.

How does golf fitness help people avoid injury either on or off the course?

Clint Bigham: Learning about your posture. Most golfers come in and they do not have much awareness. Most amateur golfers who come in already have a lot of habits. Learning about your posture, learning about being in an athletic stance when you are playing golf, all of these things are going to ultimately help when you go out and you do other things as far as your posture.

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