Get Toned with Vibration Therapy

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Vibration therapy is used to tone the muscles and speed up the healing process for people of all ages from athletes to the elderly.

How does vibration therapy work?

Clint Bigham: I use vibration therapy in Dr. Ferraro’s office as a way to accelerate the healing process. When a patient comes in, there is a set amount of time in which we have to treat them. What I have observed in the past 8 months is using a vibration platform to complement the treatment, people are healing quicker. In other words people are graduating from their treatment quicker.

What is the vibration therapy equipment like and is it easy to use?

Clint Bigham: Yes, it is very easy to use. It is one of the main reasons that I love it. It is a platform and you stand on it. Most of the time I do not even really have you doing anything. Standing on it is what is giving you the most benefit in that type of relaxed posture.

What are the main benefits of vibration therapy for athletes?

Clint Bigham: You can think of the platform as a way to warm up and as a way to recover. For instance, if you are a basketball player you are doing a lot of high impacting work outs, it is really important that you learn how to recover quickly so that you wake up the next morning and you can play better. If you have a vibration platform, you are going to use it after you work out and you are going to use it before you work out.

How is vibration therapy used to help heal injuries?

Clint Bigham: The acceleration of the process. We have ways of keeping track of a patient’s treatment program and we see that when they are on the platform compared to when they are not on the platform. They are graduating, they are completing this process in almost half the time.

Can anyone of any age use vibration therapy?

Clint Bigham: Yes, that is what I love about my clientele, I have everyone from a 14 year old professional golfer all the way to my dearest client who turns 100 in February. Everybody loves it, it is very safe, it is relaxing and it becomes very addictive.

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