The Fast Twitch Unique Data-Driven Approach to Injury Prevention

This is really what separates us from a lot of the people in the industry; our philosophy of being data-driven and wanting to know every minute detail about the body and the movement functions.

We have partnered with a company called Physimax. When people come in, we run them through a scan on the phone; it takes about five minutes, and it is going to break down every area and find every deficiency within your body with up to a 99% accuracy. That gives us the ability to have a technological and a data-driven printout and results sheet…we don’t have to rely on just the eyes. Yes, we have a lot of professional eyes in the building, but we want to know exactly what we’re working with. This will give us the opportunity and allow us to find every small detail that’s going wrong and address that right away.

Like I have mentioned before, the best possible rehab is actually prehab.  If we can find those right when you walk in the door, we’re not going to have any issues figuring out how to game plan out your program structure and the template for it. We will include all those preventative measures and movements into your actual training program.

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