The Fast Twitch State of the Art Approach to Injury Recovery

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Fast Twitch Saddle Brook offers a state of the art approach to injury recovery utilizing physical therapists, chiropractors, personal trainers and other professionals who work together to build a full recovery platform for each and every client from premier athletes to the general public.

To start off please describe the type of facility that Fast Twitch is and the different services you provide.

Chris Tuttle: Of course. Fast Twitch is a state-of-the-art performance facility which works directly with one-on-one training and personalized training for all types of athletes, general population, anybody that can come in. When people come in, we really focus on a data-driven training. So, based off of a lot of different technologies that we use to gather our information and that’s how we’re going to build out our programs. Included in that is our full recovery platform; physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, massage therapy, laser therapy, the list goes on and on. But we try to build all that in and try to be a one-stop-shop for people when they come in so that they can take care of all the services and the modalities that they need right at our facility.

What type of clients do you work with and what are some of their typical injuries or issues?

Chris Tuttle: Like I mentioned, we work with very high-level athletes and then we work with what we call general population, people who aren’t training for a sport or are just training and want to work to create the best version of themselves or work back from injury. For injury wise it’s actually very different when it comes to athletes and the general population. Athletes are seeing a lot of knee injuries, a lot of shoulder injuries from overuse and a lot of one-time contact injuries from a big hit.

Whereas a lot of the general population is knees and a lot of back injuries, specifically upper back, we call it text neck or something along those lines where they’re hunched over at a desk. So, we’re doing a lot of work in that thoracic area, really pull them back and get their posture correct. We have young athletes as young as six or seven years old, all the way up to the NFL. Then we have general population from 10 years old all the way up to I think 87 is our oldest right now. So, we try to hit a wide range and give everyone the same experience that we can when they walk through the door.

For someone new to Fast Twitch what happens during a typical first appointment? Who would the client meet with and what can they expect to do?

Chris Tuttle: When people come in if they’re reaching out to the facility they’ll always come in and meet with me first. I like to give them an overview of basically everything that we offer. Unless they’re asking to reach out to a specific coach, we really run them through the same process when they come in. So, they’ll sit down and we’ll meet and we’ll go over all the different things that we offer and then that day we will start with a movement assessment done by myself or one of the coaches. We’ll do a full body scan for them, showing them their skeletal muscle mass, body fat percentage, their visceral fat so the fat that’s on the inside.

And then from there, we’ll go into a fibia max assessment which basically shows us any areas or deficiencies that you may have up to a 99% accuracy. And that will determine really where you would be and where your areas of need would be at for physical therapy or chiropractic. So, there’s three or four different assessments that you’re going to get on that first day that’s going to really give us all the information and data we need to build you up the best possible program moving forward.

Can you explain what injury recovery training is and why it’s important?

Chris Tuttle: Yeah, so the recovery training is one piece of our performance and recovery platform. Obviously, the best type of recovery training is preventative, training to make sure these injuries don’t happen but that can’t happen, it’s not a perfect world. So, when people come in, we want to get them back to 100% or back to the field or the playing field as soon as we can. And that stems from or starts with again an assessment but not only targeting or looking at the areas that they’re coming in for. While we’re doing those assessments on that area, we’re going to identify other areas of deficiencies that then we can start to target and work with during those same sessions. So, we’re going to strengthen and enhance where their current injury is and then enhance and strengthen all the other areas. So then hopefully they don’t have to come back to us.

What is a typical injury recovery plan like for a client? Can you describe the different trained specialists that a client can expect to work with and what those sessions are like?

Chris Tuttle: If you’re looking at someone that needs some physical therapy, they’ll come in and after their initial evaluation and their assessment is done with the coaches and the physical therapists, they’ll come in and they’ll begin their sessions with their time, their manual time we call it, with the physical therapist, hands-on working out the area. And then they’ll go right with one of our coaches still under the supervision of the physical therapist. So, they’re on the floor and they’re going through a training session if the injury allows it while also working on all those other small modalities with the physical therapist. They’re really on the floor together. So, you’re getting two sets of professional eyes on you throughout your whole session obviously to give you the best experience.

And then, when they come in as well, they can opt to then go to chiro if that’s a secondary need that they have. Some people that come in with maybe a back injury or don’t have the availability to do physical therapy they’ll go right to the chiropractor which that’s a little bit shorter of a duration. And then they’ll go down and finish the remainder of their treatment with the coach on the floor and again continue to strengthen those areas that were addressed with the physical therapist and the chiropractor.

So generally, every time you come in, you’re going to have two sets of professional eyes on you throughout your training and really try to not only fix your areas that you’re currently injured in but also enhance and strengthen your overall training and your body function.

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