The HealthSnap Wellness Assessment Helps Improve Performance

The HealthSnap Assessment is really great for clients!  The results are very individualized with very specific indicators to help with performance and fitness goals. It gives information on what is lacking in nutrition and exercise and shows any musculoskeletal limitations or restrictions. With this information, we can help a client hone in on nutrition with specific workouts to tweak things for improved fitness and performance.

Amanda LaPointe is an Exercise Physiologist at Ferraro Spine & Rehabilitation and the Director of Health and Wellness at Ferraro Functional Fitness, a state-of-the-art-facility in Saddle Brook, NJ. Amanda holds a masters degree in Exercise and Wellness from Arizona State University. If you are interested in speaking with Amanda LaPointe, you can call (973) 478-2212 to schedule an appointment or you can go to