3 Types of Injuries That Functional Movement Tape Helps

Functional movement taping is the process of placing tape on the skin to lift it. This provides pain relief and allows blood flow to increase. The tape interrupts the pain signals sent to the brain to allow muscles and joints greater range of motion and functionality.

Three different types of injuries that functional movement tape helps are:

Joint Sprain: This tape can help a sprain of any joint. You can put it over that area and add some stability to a joint without limiting the range of motion too much.

Muscle Strain:  Another version or another injury it would help is a muscle strain. If you put this tape over a certain muscle in a certain way, it will help alleviate the pain because it will distract the body from the pain itself.

Swelling: This tape is put down in a specific manner on any type of edema or swelling in certain areas. It can help increase the blood flow to that area, help flush out the bad nutrients or the destroyed tissue and help new blood come in there to help the healing process.

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