Fast Twitch Training – Unique to Each Athlete

At Fast Twitch…Each one of our programs are extremely specific for each athlete. We don’t do a ton of group training. A lot of it is one on one, maybe small groups.

Each time an athlete comes in, they are put through our Fast Twitch Five assessment. We’re assessing five different areas that we think are extremely important. That dictates their training program. There are a bunch of different movement screenings out there. We took the ones that we thought were best from each one and we threw our own assessment in the mix there. That really allows us to be extremely sport specific, and extremely athlete specific.

Also, Fast Twitch coaches come from a very diverse background. A lot of our coaches have collegiate strength experience, youth strength conditioning experience, and private training condition experience. Having those different backgrounds and everyone having a bunch of experience, really allows us to give the attention to detail and the specific work necessary to give the best possible programming we can to each athlete. Like I said, having trainers with different backgrounds really helps us train each athlete to their best ability.

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