FT Performance Labs, a Sports Nutrition Company

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FT Performance Labs is an all natural supplement company offering a gluten free, dairy free branched-chain amino acid supplement, Fuel to help build and retain muscle.

What is FT Performance Labs and who created it?

Dr. Peter Ferraro: FT Performance Labs was created by some of our crucial members of Fast Twitch Team in Saddle Brook, New Jersey. Especially our director of performance, Chris Tuttle, who had this vision, even a childhood dream, of really owning and operating a supplement company.

We decided to configure a team and turn that dream into a reality. And we really feel like we have the top-notch professionals in the industry to help us take this natural, gluten free, dairy free, made in America product to the top of the natural supplement chain.

Why did you choose to produce a branched-chain amino acid powder supplement over any other kind of supplement?

Dr. Peter Ferraro: As a chiropractic physician and my team of doctors of physical therapy, sports scientists, and exercise physiologists, we found that recovery is crucial in order to perform at peak levels. Muscle recovery is the most important aspect of training and exercise.

It’s living a better and more painless lifestyle. We see most branched-chain amino acids supplements on the market, well, really most supplements in general, are loaded with fluff and artificial flavors. We created Fuel our branched-chain amino acids containing only seven major ingredients that have a specific purpose in the human body.

Can you describe the importance of this product being all natural, dairy free, and gluten free?

Dr. Peter Ferraro: The only way that we would launch a product is to make sure it was real. As I stated earlier, the supplements on the market now are loaded with fillers, artificial flavors, colorings, and ingredients that our bodies just cannot break down. The supplement market is saturated with artificial ingredients like sucralose that the body literally is incapable of breaking down. Why would we want to put that in any of our potential products?

We wanted our product to be safe and possible for everyone to consume no matter age, background, athletic style of training. We knew all natural, gluten free, and dairy free were the only way to truly launch a nutraceutical brand and company.

What type of person would benefit the most by taking this supplement and where can you purchase it?

Dr. Peter Ferraro: In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, we really need to take care of our body and skeletal muscle controls the means of really keeping our body upright and moving effectively and efficiently. If you’re trying to lose fat, it’s proven that people with higher branched-chain amino acids levels have less body fat, more muscle and better body composition. For those long-distance runners, branched-chain amino acids can be used as energy and increase motivation when fatigued.

I look at it for people like myself over the age of 35, we can reap the benefits of the branched-chain amino acid, leucine, to help continue to build and retain muscles as we age. Really, anyone who does vigorous exercise, or would benefit from less soreness and faster recovery, would be a candidate for branched-chain amino acid supplementation especially ours, known as Fuel.

You can purchase Fuel on Amazon. We’re Amazon Prime eligible or you can just go to our website at www.ftperformancelabs.com and purchase it there, but don’t forget to use my discount code: Dr. Pete, for 10% off your order.

Is your company, FT Performance Labs, planning on launching any other supplements or products in the future?

Dr. Peter Ferraro: Absolutely. We’re most definitely planning on launching some new products. We decided to make our first product the best product on the market and that’s what we anticipate doing on some of the other ones that we have planned.

Once Fuel BCAA is understood and being the elite branched-chain amino acids supplement you can purchase, then we’ll plan on furthering our line with more natural supplementation.

If you are interested in speaking with Ferraro Spine and Rehabilitation please visit ferraro1.wpengine.com or call 973-478-2212 to schedule an appointment. You can order your products online at www.ftperformancelabs.com.

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