Neck Pain From Sports Injuries

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Athletes can sustain injuries such as whiplash or concussion that cause neck pain. Repetitive motion injuries can also cause neck pain due to a lack of proper training. Chiropractors can help athletes alleviate their neck pain through examination, diagnosis and treatment.

Is whiplash the most common form of neck injury sustained during an athletic activity? If not, what is?

Dr. Peter Ferraro: Whiplash is actually one of the most common forms of neck injuries that we see in our athletes and in just general sports activities. Whiplash occurs as an acceleration deceleration injury causing a muscular strain, followed by a contracture of the corresponding muscles leading to more of like a muscle spasm.

What are some signs and symptoms that the neck might be broken or fractured after an injury is sustained?

Dr. Peter Ferraro: Well, a broken or fractured neck is a severe condition that occurs during a traumatic event. Loss of sensation or the ability to move their limbs is an immediate sign of urgent attention with really an immediate call to 911. Immobilizing the athlete is the number one priority while awaiting EMS to respond.

If an athlete suffers a concussion, will they sometimes have neck pain? If they have a neck injury, how would that be detected?

Dr. Peter Ferraro: Concussions and neck pain do not always go hand in hand, but certainly anyone that has suffered a concussion has an increased chance of suffering from concurrent neck pain. A patient would need to be sent for x-rays, possible MRI, as well as performing a series of orthopedic and neurological tests to determine the extent of the injuries.

How can repetitive motion from sports activities cause neck pain and which athletes are most at risk?

Dr. Peter Ferraro: Repetitive motion can cause neck pain by continuously aggravating a particular area if the athlete hasn’t trained properly or the muscles can potentially fatigue, thus causing further injury.

In what ways does a chiropractor help diagnose and treat an athlete suffering from neck pain due to sports injury?

Dr. Peter Ferraro: Well, as a chiropractor, I see athletes every day and through a thorough history and examination, we can determine the etiology and suggest further testing and treatment based on those findings.

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