Personalized Athletic Assessments

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Personalized athletic assessments can now include a DNA analysis to help customize diet planning, athletic performance training and injury prevention that will help athletes reach their highest potential.

Can you tell us about the new partnership you have formed with Athletic Genetix, and what they can offer to your clients and patients?

Dr. Peter Ferraro: In our search for the newest technology and the newest scientific evidence to help our athletes become better in whatever sport it is that they’re training for, we’ve found Athletic Genetix. What this company does, it’s taken the concept that I’m sure you’ve heard of, like 23andMe, that does a DNA swab of the inside of your cheek. It’s very simple. It uses saliva. It determines specific genetic markers that will give us much more insight into that particular athlete. We understand if they have potential limitations and how they absorb certain nutraceuticals. We have understanding as to whether they absorb certain vitamins or not and even some characteristics that come back on the genetic profile, which may actually lead them to be injury prone, with certain parts of their anatomy, like cartilage.

We take that understanding, and we really customize a training platform, and injury prevention platform, and a nutrition platform to really give that athlete the best opportunity to succeed in whatever sport it is that they’re trying to go after.

How can the results of genetic DNA testing help someone improve their overall health and fitness?

Dr. Peter Ferraro: What we find is that it’s all about understanding your own body, your own anatomy, your own physiology. Unfortunately, a lot of us will train a certain way just because a coach or a trainer is asking us to train a certain way, or we’ll utilize certain diet planning because someone has told us to do that. But we’re looking at really scientific evidence. We’re trying to find out what makes you unique, and if we understand that, then we can give specific guided instructions to how to make you as an individual perform at your top level.

Who analyzes the results of the DNA test? How are these results communicated?

Dr. Peter Ferraro: The test results are sent out to a Genetix laboratory. From that point, they have geneticists on staff that review all of the genetic profiles. They then send back to the athlete, a very comprehensive report that outlines each specific genotype that has been tested, and from there the athlete is given the opportunity to meet with a sports dietician to go over how to manage their own particular diet, and what they should be concentrating on and how to eat specifically for their own DNA type. We also take that breakdown, understand if there is anything that we should be cognizant of on the training side, to make sure that we’re giving them the best opportunity to improve as an athlete and most importantly, stay injury-free.

Along those lines, what are the different components included in an individual action plan, like, meal plans, exercise schedules, etc?

Dr. Peter Ferraro: All of those are incorporated into our program. Athletic Genetix obviously as a third party, separate company, they provide us with a great base of knowledge. We take that knowledge and then we try to customize the platform for our athletes. We feel that as we continue to search out great technological advancements in sports science, that this is going to be really a leader in the evolution of how athletes are being trained.

Who is the ideal candidate for this program, and how do people learn more and get started?

Dr. Peter Ferraro: The ideal candidate for this program is anybody that’s looking to achieve peak performance. We’re finding that knowledge is key. If you want to know more about how to make yourself a better athlete or a better performer, in any way, or you’re struggling with some issues with health that you may not been able to find the solution to, understanding your DNA is really the best place to start from a very non-intrusive cheek swab that will give us a really great deal of information.

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