Avoid Spinal Disc Surgery with Chiropractic and Other Conservative Treatments

People with spinal disc problems can avoid surgery by receiving chiropractic care and other natural, alternative treatments. Most people, when they have these disc herniations, when they find out they have a herniation on an MRI, the immediate thought is surgery. That is because that is what people are trained to hear nowadays. However, there […]

A Unique Approach: The Ferraro Spine Method

What makes the Ferraro Spine Method unique is that we have compiled four different therapies that when used in unison create a much better treatment outcome. For example, a herniated disc injury is really four different injuries happening simultaneously, as one reacts with another, creating a negative reflex loop or cascade of events. At that […]

Avoid Opioids with Non-Surgical Treatment

Most patients leave their surgeon after a procedure with some form of anti-inflammatory or pain medication. Prescription pain medications prescribed by doctors after surgery have contributed to the opioid crisis in America. People should consider non-surgical treatment options that are available to effectively treat painful conditions, including herniated discs without the need for drugs. We know […]

Start Your Chiropractic Maintenance Routine Now

People should consider starting a maintenance technique or treatment because typically when people come in to see us, it’s already to the point where they are in pain. Whenever you have pain, it’s because there is some underlying injury that is causing it. Now, it takes a while for that injury to turn into pain […]

Chiropractic for All Ages

[su_vimeo url=”https://vimeo.com/185832508″][su_vimeo url=”https://vimeo.com/185832508″][/su_vimeo] Chiropractors work to allow the body to function to the best of its ability at any age from newborns to seniors. Many people may not realize that chiropractic care can start with newborns. When examining a baby, what is the chiropractor looking for? Dr. Kyle Robertson: Whenever examining a baby, we’re looking for […]

Which Chiropractic Treatment Plan is Right for You?

In order to determine which chiropractic treatment plan is right for our patients, we thoroughly evaluate all of our patients and their conditions every time they come in, not just on the first visit. Based on that evaluation, we’ll determine and present a treatment plan with recommendations and the different methods of treatment. The treatment […]

Chiropractic Techniques for Your Comfort Level

[su_vimeo url=”https://vimeo.com/182713038″][su_vimeo url=”https://vimeo.com/182713038″][/su_vimeo] Chiropractors perform a variety of techniques from traditional manual adjustments to deep tissue laser therapy to treat patients.  In order to find the treatment that is most comfortable and effective, chiropractors rely on good communication with their patients. For new patients who might be new to chiropractic care, what is your process […]