The Fast Twitch Physical Therapy Program is Critical to Injury Recovery

The main components of the Fast Twitch Physical Therapy Program are built from multiple movement assessments and screenings done by our physical therapists and our coaches. You have multiple professionals working with you. The uniqueness of that is how we build it out and how they work together to build out your treatment and your program.

When you are recovering from anything, you need to know exactly why this happened to your body and where you need to get back to. Having the two professionals work together to build out a program for you is really what is going to allow you to get back to where you want to be as quickly and safely as possible.

When we go through and run our movement assessments and we get the data from all the technology that we use for this, it allows us to give you the best possible treatment and recovery plan possible. It is so critical to the injury recovery because understanding the movement and how your body moves in every small detail matters.

The body is a very, very impressive machine because there are so many moving parts. If you miss one detail, it really could set a trickle-down effect negatively impacting your body and the way it moves.

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