The Ferraro Spine Method

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The Ferraro Spine Method combines spinal manipulation, nonsurgical spinal decompression, therapeutic exercises and deep tissue laser therapy into a customized treatment program for patients.

Can you give us an overview of exactly what The Ferraro Spine Method is?

Dr. Peter Ferraro: I sure can. We have a patent-pending approach known as The Ferraro Spine Method, that I’ve combined four of the best treatment modalities and customized them based on my 22 years of experience in dealing with herniated degenerative disks. It includes spinal manipulation, nonsurgical spinal decompression, therapeutic exercises, and a 25-watt thermal deep tissue laser therapy.

How do you decide on a plan of treatment for a patient?

Dr. Peter Ferraro: Each patient is evaluated, and based on the initial examination, which includes a detailed orthopedic, neurological, and physical assessment as well as review with advanced imaging, such as MRI findings.

Are there particular therapies that you use to treat particular conditions?

Dr. Peter Ferraro: Yes, absolutely. Each condition and each person will have their own needs, and we customize a plan specifically for them. There are no cookie-cutter recipes for conditions at our facility.

Lastly, I understand the goal is to avoid surgery, but if a patient absolutely needs surgery, what kind of rehabilitative aftercare do you provide that can lessen the need for opioid pain relievers?

Dr. Peter Ferraro: There are always going to be those patients that have waited either too long or their condition is too severe to avoid surgery, especially those with neurological dysfunction, such as bowel or bladder incontinence. For those cases, we have great relationships with a variety of the top surgeons in Bergen County, from orthopedic spine specialists and neurosurgeons, and at that time we offer them a very comprehensive postsurgical rehabilitation campaign, including physical therapy as well as our deep tissue laser, which does lessen the option of them having to be on any kind of narcotics at that time.

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