The Scraping Technique Protocol for Muscle Knots, Trigger Points and Scar Tissue

The most common things that we use the scraping technique for are trigger points, knots, and adhesions of the muscle, along with scar tissue after surgery or even just after an injury.

Our regular treatment protocol for this is really dependent on the patient’s reaction to the therapy. With scraping, there is some bruising afterwards. There should be a little bit of bruising afterwards and some blood vessel popping. The technical term for this reaction is petechiae.

Typically we just wait until that bruising has gone away, or the patient is not sore anymore. We could probably see that person twice a week for the scraping with perhaps a day or two in between, and the bruising should go away.

Then we would probably follow up within three or four weeks. It all depends on how we feel that patient is healing and how they are progressing. Is it working for them? It is kind of a black and white thing. It is something that you have to play by ear and let the patient’s progress dictate how many times you treat them and how often.

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