Top 3 Reasons Athletes with Sports Injuries Should See a Chiropractor

  1. Diagnose the Injury: Initially, athletes should visit a chiropractor in order to properly diagnose the injury. Depending on what the injury is, we will create a treatment plan specific to the injury so we can start the road to recovery.
  2. Start Long Term Recovery: Secondly, as chiropractors, we will work to get our patient out of that acute phase and into longer term recovery. Usually maintenance is needed in order to create proper mobility through the spine and the other joints of the body that were affected by the initial injuries. For instance, if you roll your ankle, you are going to have compensations that are working their way all the way back up to your spine because of the changes that are being made in the way that you move because of the injury.
  3. Avoid Future Injuries: Finally, a chiropractor is going to make sure that you are properly aligned and mobilized, as far as the spine and joints go, in order to avoid those injuries from happening again. After you are out of injury care, maintaining the health of your spine, is a really important part of injury avoidance.

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