The Intense and Highly Effective ROM Machine Workout

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The ROM machine is a workout machine that uses your body mass in a four minute session of safe, non-impacting high intensity interval training. Learn more from an interview with a trainer.

What is a ROM machine and what does it look like?

Clint Bigham: The ROM machine stands for range of motion, it looks like this beautiful, tortuous, chrome machine. It’s pretty big, it’s heavy, it’s a beautiful piece of equipment. Again, ROM, range of motion, the big thing about the ROM has to do with high intensity style interval training. That’s a common term in our industry, it’s called HIT, and it’s been long proven that it is more effective to work out in a shorter amount of time, but that it’s very intense. We all know that by now. The important thing for me is that the workout has to be non-impacting and that it has to be safe.

The ROM workout is going to give you a high intensity style, interval training session and it’s very safe, it’s very non-impacting. Again, I have clients, I have a 99 year old client, I’ve got professional athletes, they can all do this workout, they can all be on this machine and achieve the feeling that I want you to have in 4 minutes.

Are there multiple ways you can use the ROM machine?

Clint Bigham: It’s very simple, there are 2 or 3 ways, the third being an alternate way of working out, just for me to mix you up. There’s an upper body part, there’s a lower body part. Sometimes I’ll change it up a little bit and make you do both.

What are the main health and fitness benefits of using the ROM machine?

Clint Bigham: The ROM machine is a part of my system. I incorporate the ROM machine with vibration therapy. I have a client warm up on the vibration platform, I have them work out extremely hard on the ROM and then I have them recover. This is a part of my system. The benefits to the ROM is that you are creating this state when you do high intensity style, interval training. One of the ways we can measure what’s called the state would be a formula called the VO2 max, which is the amount of oxygen that your body can absorb, the maximum amount of oxygen your body can absorb.

It’s really important that you know what that is and that you can get to that point, where basically you’re huffing and puffing. The point in your workout where you want to give up, which is why you hire a trainer, which is why you go to class, because it forces you to get to this point. Once you reach your VO2 max, from that point on is how we see your endurance. How we see your endurance improve, how we measure it for long periods of time.

It’s really important that you can get to that state, no matter again if you’re 99, no matter if you’re injured, no matter if you’re a professional athlete. Your workout has to have that component and the ROM machine is the most effective way, for me as a trainer, to get you to that point in the shortest amount of time, obviously.

Can anyone of any age use this machine or is it more geared toward athletes?

Clint Bigham: No! Yes! That’s what I love about working at Dr. Ferraro’s office, we cater towards a more blue collar worker. We cater towards a normal person I would say, not a professional athlete. My background is in working out professional athletes and as much as I love that genre of clientele, I also like showing a workout to someone who would have a fear that’s attached with working out. I can work anybody on the ROM.

What makes the ROM machine so unique and sought after?

Clint Bigham: It’s expensive, it’s very efficient. When you go to a gym and you’re looking at cardio equipment, you’ll see a treadmill, you’ll see an elliptical machine, that’s been the perception in our mind of how to do a cardiovascular workout. It turns out, it’s very inefficient, we just like to go onto those machines because you don’t really have to know what you’re doing to do it, but it does only affect a certain amount of your body mass, which is not very efficient. It’s like 8% or 9%, it’s not very good.

When you’re on the ROM machine, depending on if you’re on the upper body or the lower body part, you’re using anywhere from 55% – 65% of your body mass. That is very efficient and you can keep track of it, you can calorie count it, you can do whatever you want. If you’re achieving that in 4 minutes compared to working out on a treadmill for an hour at a big gym and only getting a little bit, to me that just doesn’t make any sense, it’s a time management tool.

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