Training Youth Athletes: Build a Foundation

Appropriate training of youth athletes starts with understanding how they move.

When you get a young athlete in, say it’s their first time training, you need to understand how they move, how their body works, and their body deficiencies. If they have trouble squatting, we’ll run them through some movement screening tests. You really want to identify how they’re going to move because that will dictate what exercises you do.

When you train a young athlete, it’s important to build a good foundation. Their foundation is built when they first come in, and as they grow and as they’re training longer. The foundation you start to build is like a pyramid. You want to get that good foundation laid. It is very important to understand how they move and what exercises you can do to build that proper foundation. Without the foundation, it’s just going to crumble as they move forward. So again, understanding movement is crucial in youth training.

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