LightForce™ Laser Therapy Accelerates Healing

LightForce™ Laser Therapy is a non-invasive, safe alternative to drugs and surgery and has proven to help conditions such as tendonitits, fibromyalgia, sciatica, arthritis and more.  This therapy increases cellular activity which helps to decrease pain and inflammation. It allows your body to utilize its own healing powers by inducing a series of healing responses in your body. […]

Get Toned with Vibration Therapy

[su_vimeo url=”″][su_vimeo url=”″][/su_vimeo] Vibration therapy is used to tone the muscles and speed up the healing process for people of all ages from athletes to the elderly. How does vibration therapy work? Clint Bigham: I use vibration therapy in Dr. Ferraro’s office as a way to accelerate the healing process. When a patient comes in, […]

Golf Fitness: Improve Performance and Avoid Injury

[su_vimeo url=”″][su_vimeo url=”″][/su_vimeo] Golf fitness training programs are customized for each golfer with a body composition analysis. We work on posture, core strength and stance to ultimately avoid injury, perform better, and stay strong and healthy. Is golf fitness a set program you follow or is it customized to each client or both? Clint Bigham: […]

Fascial Distortion Model™ Helps Soft Tissue Injuries

The Fascial Distortion Model™ (FDM) can be used to treat a soft tissue injury, even an acute injury such as a sprained ankle. Traditionally, the approach to that would be the RICE model – rest, ice, compression and elevation. What we actually do with the Fascial Distortion Model is try to remodel that tissue immediately […]

The Fascial Distortion Model™

[su_vimeo url=”″][su_vimeo url=”″][/su_vimeo] The Fascial Distortion Model™ is used to treat soft tissue injuries and musculoskeletal conditions and offers clear objectives and measurable results. How do you explain what Fascial Distortion Model™ is? Well, the Fascial Distortion Model™ – some people would think of it as a technique but it’s actually more of a treatment […]

Advice for Overhead Athletes: Don’t Play Through Pain

If an overhead athlete is experiencing pain, we advise the athlete to see a medical professional, specifically by a physical therapist. Physical therapists are movement specialists and we are trained in assessing shoulder injuries. As a physical therapist, I’m partial to a conservative treatment approach. My goal is to help the athlete safely return to […]

Injuries in the Overhead Athlete

Overhead Injuries

[su_vimeo url=”″][su_vimeo url=”″][/su_vimeo] Topic: Injuries in the Overhead Athlete An overhead athlete is an athlete who participates in any overhead sport or where that upper arm and shoulder arcs over the athlete’s head. Overhead athletes are prone to a variety of injuries based on the position of the shoulder and the arm during the repetitive movements. […]

Utilizing the Core

Why is it so important to utilize the core during sports rehab for any injury? The core encompasses the muscles of the back and abdomen which takes up a large part of the body. By building core strength, athletes support the limbs during functional movements like throwing, sprinting, jumping and landing motions. Core strengthening is […]

Utilizing the Core During Sports Rehab

[su_vimeo url=”″] The body moves as a whole and the core muscles help to provide power and strength to the limbs during functional movements. Therefore strengthening the core will help build stability to the trunk and support to the upper and lower extremities during activities like throwing, running, jumping and throughout your sports athletic games. […]

Preventing ACL Injuries

    ACL injury has an annual incidence of more than 200,000 cases, with the majority of these injuries actually occurring when playing agility sports. Female athletes have a higher risk of being injured. In fact, research shows that female athletes are 2 to 8 times more likely to sustain ACL injuries than male athletes. […]